Tuesday, September 15, 2020


I just finished reading the news that Black Lives Matter protesters gathered outside a Los Angeles hospital chanting “We hope they die,” referring to the two L.A. County sheriffs deputies who were shot by an assailant who apparently doesn’t know how to properly wear a pair of trousers (“Police search for deputies’ attacker,” Page 1, Sept. 14).

I have to wonder what the commissioner of the National Football League is thinking right about now. I also wonder what the “slaves” of the NFL “plantation” are thinking regarding the way their league has responded to all the recent “social injustice” hoopla.

Generally speaking, people who make six-figure salaries appreciate it when someone with a badge, authority and a gun shows up to prevent their six-figure possessions from being stolen or destroyed. Yet, this week I watched a bunch of dimwits link arms at the 50-yard line in “solidarity” with those who would have the sheep dogs who protect those expensive possessions die for the crime of considering a career in law enforcement. God help the NFL.


West Salem, Ohio

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