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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Republican attorneys general assailed Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala D. Harris on Wednesday, blasting their former colleague as the “original lawless liberal.”

At a press conference in downtown Salt Lake City, where Ms. Harris’ debate with Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled, the Republicans Attorney Generals Association attacked the California senator’s record as her state’s former attorney general.

Ms. Harris served as California attorney general for seven years before being elected to the Senate in 2016.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge criticized Ms. Harris’ positions on gun rights, law enforcement, immigration and the economy.

“She had no business being the attorney general of California with her disregard for the rule of law. She has no business being a U.S. senator, and Kamala Harris certainly has no business being vice president of the United States to a frail and failing president if Joe Biden were elected,” Ms. Rutledge said.

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes said Ms. Harris’ policies would make America less safe. He accused her of refusing to condemn the rioting and looting that has spread across the country in response to the deaths of unarmed Black men and women.

“Harris is a danger to law and order because she refuses to condemn loudly and clearly the lawlessness and the violence that has beset our nation in so many cities,” he said.

“I want the American people to hear our vice president, Mike Pence, make his case for four more years. And I’m also excited for the American people to hear Sen. Kamala Harris,” Mr. Reyes continued.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry warned that Ms. Harris’ record as attorney general would follow her to the White House, where she will implement similar policies.

“We all know about the failed policies in the state of California,” he said. “We all recognize, I think quite eloquently, we do not aspire the United States to be California.”

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