Wednesday, October 7, 2020


There’s a lot at stake in the 2020 election. Everything from the right to life and religious freedom to the Supreme Court and the future of the American economy is on the line. With the vice presidential debate set to air tonight, Mike Pence and Kamala Harris will confront each other over some of the biggest issues that matter to Americans most. Luckily for Mike Pence, he’s going into the debate with one of the strongest records as vice president.

Throughout President Trump’s first term in office, Mike Pence hasn’t always been the most visible vice president. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t gotten a tremendous amount done. For four years, Mr. Pence has worked tirelessly to advance Mr. Trump’s agenda in almost every aspect. And along the way, he’s achieved a string of remarkable successes that make him truly stand out.

First and foremost, Mike Pence has been one of the most vocal, fearless and active advocates for the right to life in American history. Right after taking office in 2017, he wasted no time in lending his voice to the nation’s most powerful pro-life movements, addressing both the Susan B. Anthony List’s “Campaign for Life” and the March for Life. And just months into his role as vice president, Mr. Pence cast the tie-breaking Senate vote to block Title X funding from going to abortion providers.

Across the board, Mr. Pence has campaigned for and helped enact many of the Trump administration’s unprecedented pro-life accomplishments. In a presidential campaign against the most pro-abortion Democratic ticket ever, Mr. Pence’s powerful pro-life advocacy provides a stark and effective contrast.

What’s more, Mr. Pence has been instrumental in crafting President Trump’s executive actions in defense of religious liberty, making Pence a vice president who can proudly say he has upheld both the value of life and of religious freedom in an election season where these values are up for grabs.

But Mr. Pence has done more than defend the values many Americans cherish; he has also displayed exceptional competence at protecting American lives. The liberal media severely criticized Mr. Trump’s appointment of Mr. Pence to lead the coronavirus task force. But Mr. Pence has demonstrated time and again that he is able to make the right decisions, recruit the right people and take the necessary action to implement the president’s coronavirus response.

Even Mr. Pence’s one-time liberal critics have begrudgingly conceded that Mr. Pence is “strangely competent” at leading the task force. High praise from a liberal media that won’t give the Trump administration any breaks.

In fact, one of the most incredible things about Mr. Pence as vice president is precisely how many different aspects of Mr. Trump’s far-ranging policy initiatives Mr. Pence has expertly spearheaded. From serving as chairman for the National Space Council to being the first vice president in history to establish his own political action committee, Mr. Pence has fought for the Trump administration across every domain. Add to that Mr. Pence’s proven record as a campaigner, public speaker and fundraiser, and you can start to see how integral Mr. Pence has been to the Trump administration’s successes.

Mr. Trump made an excellent choice picking Mr. Pence as his vice president back in 2016, and his 2020 ticket is even stronger now with Mr. Pence’s history of accomplishments to back it up. Kamala Harris, by contrast, has an abysmal record on criminal justice as California attorney general and only a few years of political experience as a U.S. senator. Mr. Pence, quite simply, outshines his opponent. He was the right man for the job in 2016; he continues to be in 2020.

• Timothy Head is executive director of Faith and Freedom Coalition.

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