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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Joseph R. Biden said Tuesday that he’s the candidate to bring America together amid the current public health crisis and that he’s not going to “wave the white flag of surrender” in the battle against the coronavirus.

He said the U.S. needs a president “who cares less about his TV ratings and more about the American people.”

“I’m ready to act. We know what to do. And starting on day one of my presidency, we will do it,” he said.

The former vice president was speaking in Warm Springs, Georgia, home of the southern retreat for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He frequently invoked Roosevelt in his remarks.

“When news of FDR’s death went out on the wires, an editor in Chicago turned to his colleagues and said ‘clear the decks for action,’” he said. “I say to you today: if you give me the honor of serving as your president, clear the decks for action.”

Mr. Biden said the American people were “giving their all” as President Trump was “giving up” in the battle against COVID-19.

“I’m here to tell you: we can and we will control this virus,” Mr. Biden said, a counter to recent comments from White House chief of staff Mark Meadows. “As president, I will never wave the white flag of surrender.”

“God and history have called us to this moment and this mission,” he concluded. “With our voices and our votes, we must free us from the forces of darkness, from the forces of division and from the forces of yesterday - from the forces that pull us apart, hold us down, and hold us back.”

Mr. Biden is working hard to flip Georgia, a state that’s long been a Republican stronghold. Mr. Trump carried Georgia by about 5 points over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The president’s team said in response that Mr. Biden has offered little more than partisan sniping about the coronavirus pandemic and that the former vice president is the “candidate of lockdowns.”

“Joe Biden is a risk America can’t afford to take,” said Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh.

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