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Friday, October 23, 2020

MSNBC’S post-debate coverage of the final showdown between President Trump and Joseph R. Biden included the concern that “lizard brain” White men may have liked the Republican’s message.

Media watchdog NewsBusters noted the commentary by MSNBC guest Jon Meacham.

“I’ll say this tonight,” the writer told Nicolle Wallace and Brian Williams. “I had this reaction. It may have been watching it in person as opposed to the way it was experienced for the country, there is a lizard brain in this country. Donald Trump is a product of the White man’s, the anguished, nervous White guy’s lizard brain. And there could be a twitch there that ‘You know what, we sent this disruptive figure, Biden, maybe that 47-year thing helps a little bit.’ I don’t think there are enough of those folks, but I think just as an observer of this —  I think Trump did himself good with his base tonight. The question for America is how big that base is.”

The reaction came after repeated jabs by the president at Mr. Biden’s decades in politics.

“He’s been in government 47 years, he never did a thing, except in 1994 [with the crime bill], when he did such harm to the Black community,” Mr. Trump said during the Nashville debate hosted by NBC News’ Kristen Welker. “If you look, with the exception of Abraham Lincoln, possible exception, but the exception of Abraham Lincoln, nobody has done what I’ve done. Criminal justice reform, Obama and Joe didn’t do it. I don’t even think they tried because they had no chance at doing it.”

Mr. Meacham told MSNBC viewers that the strength of “the cult of Trump in the Republican Party” will ultimately be determined on Election Day.

“[Observers are] stunned to see that if you’re with Trump, by God, you’re with him,” the panelist said. “And I think, to go to Robert Gibbs’ point, it may just be that demography is destiny here. There aren’t enough of them.”

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