- Associated Press
Thursday, October 15, 2020

MINDEN, Nev. (AP) - A 59-year-old Douglas County man has pleaded no contest to charges of racially motivated assault with a deadly weapon and abuse of an elderly person after a series of incidents in his Indian Hills neighborhood.

Thomas Morris is accused of shouting racial epithets while pointing a gun with a laser sight at his Hispanic neighbors on Sept. 11.

District Judge Tod Young ordered Morris held without bail until his Dec. 9 sentencing after he entered the plea Tuesday as part of a plea-bargain agreement, according to The Record-Courier.

Prosecutors say a couple was in their car around midnight when Morris climbed his fence, pointed a rifle with a laser sight and yelled: “You want some of this?”

When the special weapons and tactics team responded, Morris allegedly pointed a laser at deputies on the perimeter as he yelled about illegal aliens.

Prosecutor Matthew Johnson said a red-flag proceeding was underway in another court to take away Morris’ firearms.

After his arrest, Douglas County deputies confiscated the firearms in Indian Hills and later learned there was another cache of weapons at a Genoa home.

As part of the plea deal, Morris will have to forfeit 18 firearms including a Springfield M1A1.

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