- The Washington Times
Thursday, October 15, 2020

President Trump said on Thursday that Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala D. Harris won’t be the woman to break the presidential “glass ceiling.”

Referring to his victory in 2016 over Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump told supporters in North Carolina, “They talked about the woman breaking the glass ceiling. And it didn’t work out that way. The glass ceiling broke her.”

“But there will be a woman who breaks the glass ceiling. It just won’t be Hillary. And you know who else it won’t be? It won’t be Kamala!” the president said.

Mr. Trump also wished the California Democrat well after two people involved with her campaign tested positive for COVID-19.

“We extend our best wishes, which is more than they did to me, but that’s OK,” Mr. Trump said.

Ms. Harris actually did post a statement on Twitter on Oct. 2 wishing Mr. Trump and first lady Melania Trump “a full and speedy recovery.”

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