- The Washington Times
Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Sen. Richard Durbin told Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett Wednesday that there is an “orange cloud” hanging over her nomination, arguing the president tapped the nominee weeks before the Nov. 3 election to help in an upcoming healthcare case.

“There is a political agenda here,” the Illinois Democrat said during the third day of confirmation hearings.

He noted Judge Barrett is the first Supreme Court nominee to be considered by the Senate after the month of July in an election year.

The high court will hear a case weighing the individual mandate, part of the Affordable Care Act, on Nov. 10.

Democrats have charged Republicans support Judge Barrett because she would vote to strike down the healthcare law.

“They need that ninth justice and that is why it has to be hurried,” Mr. Durbin said of her nomination. “That is the orange cloud over your nomination.”

Critics of Mr. Trump have criticized the president over his tan, mocking him as orange in hue from time to time.

Judge Barrett has repeatedly told members of the Judiciary Committee that she did not tell anyone how she would rule in any upcoming case, including executive branch officials.

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