Tuesday, November 3, 2020


At the time of this writing much of America is heading toward the polls. Then they are heading home, sheltering in place and waiting. Fear and uncertainty are high, especially for small shopkeepers in major U.S. cities who have — in anticipation of unbridled anarchy and rioting by those on the left — boarded up their storefronts. If President Trump is reelected, they know the carnage nightfall could bring.

Worse still, it may be the case that a clear winner will not emerge for a few days or weeks or even months. If this is the case, many worry (with absolute justification) that mini-sieges will take place across America, as the liberal media plays up the false narrative that any electoral result in Mr. Trump’s favor must be on account of fraud. And if Joe Biden wins, the left may riot in sheer jubilation. One never knows in this era of culturally-sanctioned lawlessness.

In the face of impending regime crisis, what are Americans to do? Well, best to do what has always been done: Trust in God, concentrate on family and take heart that self-reliance triumphs over despair.

Remember God? He has not gone anywhere. During times of turmoil, there is no better relationship to repair than one with the Divine. God reminds us that the political things, like mortal lives, are transitory. It’s much more important to concentrate on treating one another with kindness and justice than worrying about which Caesar has a dominion over America for the next four years.

After God comes family. Spending time glued to the television or on Twitter soaking in political poison offers more pain than solace. Better to take comfort from a spouse, children or parents, all of whom are caught up in these stressful times. Lend them comfort. Have a laugh. And have a drink. Everyone will feel better. And remember, when Mr. Biden tweets “Here’s my promise to you: If I have the honor of being elected president, I will take care of your family like I would my own,” you are more than free to ask: “Do I really want to be part of that tribe?”

Finally, return to self-reliance, that old, sometimes forgotten but never fully extinguished American virtue that always pays off. In the face of COVID-19, forever-lockdowns, riots and other assorted evils that 2020 has bestowed, American know-how will prevail. Votes matter, but they are not the end of the story.

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