- The Washington Times
Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Twitter’s aggressive crackdown on alleged misinformation is growing, as the company will now display a warning message to users who attempt to “like” a post flagged as containing misinformation.

The social media platform has already restricted the visibility of offending tweets, tagged tweets with warning labels, and shown users warning labels about disputed information when they attempt to share such content via a retweet. Now, Twitter will alert users who choose to “like” content that the company deems inappropriate, too.

“Giving context on why a labeled Tweet is misleading under our election, COVID-19, and synthetic and manipulated media rules is vital,” Twitter said via its @TwitterSupport account. “These prompts helped decrease Quote Tweets of misleading information by 29% so we’re expanding them to show when you tap to like a labeled Tweet.”

Twitter’s pervasive content enforcement approach that was focused on content surrounding the November election has continued well after Election Day has passed and may well continue into the foreseeable future.

President Trump’s tweets have regularly been flagged with warning labels by Twitter, and he is poised to lose certain protections from additional content moderation provided to public officials when he leaves office.

Twitter has said its public-interest exceptions apply to current world leaders and not former officials as private citizens, which means the company is poised to treat Mr. Trump like every other private citizen subject to suspension from its platform when he leaves office.

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