- The Washington Times
Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Trump campaign’s legal team is petitioning for another recount in Georgia after officials certified the race for presumptive President-elect Joseph R. Biden.

“We are focused on ensuring that every aspect of Georgia State Law and the U.S. Constitution are followed so that every legal vote is counted. President Trump and his campaign continue to insist on an honest recount in Georgia, which has to include signature matching and other vital safeguards. Without signature matching, this recount would be a sham and again allow for illegal votes to be counted. If there is no signature matching, this would be as phony as the initial vote count and recount. Let’s stop giving the People false results,” President Trump’s lawyers said in a statement Saturday.

The state had conducted a hand recount but there was no review of signatures on mail-in ballots.

The hand recount did uncover more than three thousand ballots that had not originally been tabulated but the results of the election did not change. Georgia officials announced Mr. Biden as the winner on Friday.

He captured the state’s 16 electoral college votes by a .2% lead over Mr. Trump.

The Trump campaign also has a recount underway in two of Wisconsin’s biggest counties, as they challenge that battleground state’s results.

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