Sunday, November 22, 2020


One thing the left does much better than the right — other than shut down city blocks for days at time — is agitate for their needs. They grab the megaphone, collar the media outlets and raise Cain. Consequently, they find the odds that their grievances are acted upon increased. It’s a nice little cycle, or racket, which is why it has been in the liberal playbook forever.

Conservatives are, by nature, more of a retiring lot. They are not given over to going about in the streets with pot and pan or harassing members of the government where they sleep. Sternly-written letters to the editor are more the norm. Radicals among us may tweet in anger, but mass civil uprising? Please.

Well, maybe conservatives should be a little louder in their expressions. When, for instance, California Gov. Gavin Newsom tweets that a limited, one-month stay-at-home order is in effect, and that forbids gathering between the hours of 10 p.m.-5 a.m, say something. Demand to see the science behind a nighttime curfew. Demand to hear the rationale behind a lockdown that is quickly becoming more hurtful than the disease it was meant to combat. Maybe peaceful protests are in order. Maybe it’s time to call congressional representatives to object. And then call them again. Maybe it’s long past time to make conservative voices heard.

More COVID-19 shutdowns are again in the news and it is worrisome. In some cases, they are a bridge too far, especially in cities run by Democrats who are supreme practitioners of “do what I say, not what I do.” But conservatives who speak out are most likely to be met with retaliation, and no one wants to be a pariah — or lose their livelihood — over political opinions. And after all isn’t that Pfizer vaccine looking good?

But now is the time to abandon the conservative mentality that urges complete caution. Half of America is with conservatives. The left counts on scare tactics, but they are hollow. It’s time to get smart and band together, especially small business owners and mothers with school-age children. This may be the time to study what the left does when they want political change. Copy it, improve upon it. Then call a friend. Soon, a group of concerned citizens will form. That’s powerful stuff.

America will not, as if by magic or divine dispensation, survive much longer if the tyranny of the left and the statist inclinations of big government and big tech are not checked, and checked hard. Respect, at first, for the COVID-19 lockdowns was necessary. We had to understand what we were dealing with. But now it is clear that, with a survival rate of 99%, the reality is different. It’s time for conservatives to speak up.

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