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Friday, November 20, 2020

President Trump was tricked Friday by a Twitter user posing as his sister, Elizabeth Trump Grau, after seeing the account reported as real on the website of conservative radio host Wayne Dupree.

Mr. Trump shared and commented on a Twitter post originally made by the account belonging to Mr. Dupree’s talk show, which referred to an article published on the radio host’s website this week.

The article cited a post from the Twitter account, @TheBettyTrump, in which a user claiming to be the president’s rarely seen older sister seemed to be declaring support for her sibling.

“This election inspired me to break my silence and speak out on behalf of my family,” the Twitter user wrote in a post on the platform. “My brother Don won this election and will fight this to the very end. We’ve always been a family of fighters. We are all so very proud of him and the job he has done for our country. 4 MORE YEARS!”

That post was soon turned into an article published on the Wayne Dupree Show website, “Trump’s Sister Issues Rare and Bold Statement on 2020 Election and Proves How Much She Believes in Her Brother.”

“President Trump’s sister Elizabeth never speaks about politics, but she felt it was imperative that she show support for Trump and also call out the 2020 election for what it was,” the show’s account said in a Twitter post touting the article.

Mr. Trump subsequently shared that post, adding: “Thank you Elizabeth, LOVE!”

The person running the Twitter account revealed later Friday that it was fake, however.

“I would’ve clarified sooner that I was a parody but I certainly didn’t anticipate President Trump himself taking notice of the account,” the user tweeted.

“Don’t blame @WayneDupreeShow… it’s on me for not making that clear. Hope y’all will forgive me - feel bad for creating any confusion. LOVE!”

The bogus Trump account has since been suspended from Twitter, and the article has been updated to include an apology.

“It is never our intent to ‘fool’ anyone, or spread misinformation. We’re human, and sometimes get fooled by the mountain of incorrect and doctored info shared online these days,” the site now says.

Mr. Trump’s post on the platform thanking his “sister” has been shared, or retweeted, over 16,000 times as of later Friday, meanwhile.

Preliminary results show Mr. Trump lost his race for reelection to Democratic rival Joseph R. Biden, but the president has not conceded, citing unproven claims of fraud.

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