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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Fort Bragg is being credited with helping an online sex worker quintuple her income in the weeks since the U.S. military installation’s Twitter account engaged with her lewd posts on the platform.

Quinn Finite, the pseudonymous adult content creator who caused a stir when Fort Bragg’s account commented publicly on her Twitter posts last month, discussed the aftermath in an article out Tuesday.

In an interview, the woman said she was earning about $7,000 a month from content she posts on the subscription-based OnlyFans site before the Fort Bragg tweets, Business Insider first reported.

Nearly a month later, the woman added that her OnlyFans gained roughly 500 new subscribers overnight and that she now expects to earn about five times more than she was making before the tweets.

“It was plenty to live off of, but now I kind of quintupled my income,” the woman said, Business Insider reported.

She told The Washington Times on Wednesday she expects the surge of subscribers to result in her earning $35,000 a month. She is based in Canada, where that currently equates to nearly $46,000.

The XVIII Airborne Corps, a U.S. Army corps based at Fort Bragg, originally said that the installation’s account was hacked after it replied explicitly and publicly to lewd tweets from the woman.

But the Army walked back that explanation the next day and said that a person authorized to post from the fort’s Twitter account later admitted to being responsible for the “inappropriate tweets.”

The tweets made by the Fort Bragg account, which vanished soon afterward, included one commenting about the model’s pubic hair and another fantasizing about giving her “a deep long kiss.”

OnlyFans lets users share images and video, including adult content, which is then made available to subscribers who pay specifically to see posts from that particular account.

Content creators on the site can also earn money by selling access to individual “pay-per-view” messages that are made available to users and by receiving paid tips. OnlyFans takes a cut, of course.

Speaking to The Times this week, the 23-year-old model described the revenue she anticipates making because of her boost from the U.S. military as “bonkers.”

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