- The Washington Times
Monday, November 16, 2020

Data from the Department of Veterans affairs is showing a rise in the number of active coronavirus cases, mirroring similar increases that have been reported by several states.

Before November, active COVID-19 cases throughout VA medical centers had not gone beyond 6,400 since the first cases in America were identified in early March, according to the Military Times newspapers.

But by Monday the the agency had reported more than 10,000 cases deemed active — identified by the VA as patients that have been tested and treated who neither died nor reached convalescent status.

In an interview with Military Times, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie said a rise in coronavirus cases within the VA hospital system is inevitable if the rest of the country also sees an increase.

“Our veterans don’t live in a cocoon … where you can block yourself off from the rest of the world. They live in the communities,” he said.

On Monday, New Jersey’s governor reimposed restrictions on public and private gatherings in the state to stop the spread of the virus. On Sunday, state health officials reported more than 4,500 new positive cases and more than 18 new confirmed deaths from the virus.

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