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Thursday, May 28, 2020


Hmm. A peek at the “new normal.”

Mickey Mouse has more clout than parents.

Poor folks and the newly unemployed, who had been used to living high on the hog, now depend on Spam and baloney sandwiches to fill their tummies.

Professional sports leagues and gamblers prove they have tighter control of your personal savings than you do.

Weak-kneed governors, mayors and Joe Biden, the man who wants to lead us to the promised land, says we “ain’t black.”

You knew that was coming, right? You knew cliques of people have been saying since mid-winter that the “new normal” is coming.

Are you ready?

Are you, your family and your neighbors willing to pay higher taxes and fees for everything from gas and public transportation to park and recreational programs, from trash, garbage and recycling services to health care and landscaping licensing.

The press for the “new normal” means local and state governments locked us down so they could lock up the keys pegged to fiscal responsibility.

If you prefer another perspective, consider historian Victor Davis Hanson, whose column in Thursday’s online and print editions of The Washington Times, gives a clear picture: “The current U.S. budget deficit could soon exceed a record $4 trillion. The massive borrowing is being driven both by prior budget profligacy and a hurried effort by the Trump administration to pump liquidity into a quarantined America.

“Americans may soon have to service a staggering national debt of about $30 trillion — nearly $100,000 of debt for every American,” Mr. Hanson wrote.

This after witnessing an endless stream of videos and social media comments illustrating how governors, mayors and other elected officials shortchanged the Class of 2020 of proms, graduations and other salutatory events.

And now that the Reopen America Movement is taking off and people want to know who’s the leader of the club, we learn it’s M-I-C-K-E-Y.

Both Orlando’s Disney World and SeaWorld theme parks are slated to open soon, July 11 and June 10, respectively.

How in the world can theme parks that shuttle millions of people on a daily basis manage to prepare for reopening during a pandemic when D.C. and other cities can’t even manage to reopen small ballparks, recreation centers and swimming pools?

Major sports leagues are planning their reopenings, too.

The Boys of Summer are going to play. The NBA weighed the idea of games without fans, which would be like Vegas without gamblers — it doesn’t work.

And if you’re African-American, be on the lookout. This election season, Joe Biden has declared himself the new normal’s expert on who is and ain’t black.

So, if you’re ready for the new normal, raise your hand — but not too high. Mr. Biden and his clique will be coming for your money.

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