Monday, May 18, 2020


Recent reports of the Department of Justice addressing Google’s competitive posture in the online advertising market and the abuses of Obama administration officials in connection with the 2016 election, culminating in the unwarranted prosecution of Gen. Flynn, give me — and hopefully all readers — reason for concern. Yes, as a legal matter, these topics should be addressed. But now is not the time.

Of much greater importance at the moment is the grossly overreaching and unnecessary, economically destructive, seemingly vindictive and largely unconstitutional lockdowns remaining in a number of blue states. These lockdowns are causing a great deal of economic and spiritual suffering, reflected in a current unemployment rate that is apparently in excess of 20%. This will not be alleviated with the prosecution of Obama officials or the former president himself, or by any change in Google’s business practices.

People need relief (such as the ability to worship and earn a living) today, and it is incumbent upon the Department of Justice to promptly initiate litigation aimed at providing it. Once people see the current administration taking real steps to help them, then we can address these other topics, which certainly warrant real attention to show that no one is above the law and that open competition is required (not to mention that censorship of political views is not tolerated). However, first things first.

My fervent hope is that Attorney Gen. Barr and the Department of Justice promptly go to court to stop state and local abuse of the freedoms of U.S. citizens.


Barrington Hills, Ill.

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