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Friday, May 15, 2020

Rush Limbaugh had Operation Warp Speed, reopening the U.S. economy despite fierce political headwinds, and a slew of other coronavirus-related issues on his mind during a Friday interview with Vice President Mike Pence.

The conservative radio host scored the extensive pandemic interview in conjunction with President Trump’s plans to fast-track efforts to make a vaccine available to the American people.

“This is phenomenal, for the president to put his presidency on the line here,” Mr. Limbaugh told his guest. “A vaccine for a virus. We don’t have many vaccines for many viruses. We don’t have one for AIDS yet, for example. We’ve got flu shots but no vaccine. To me, this is typical Donald Trump. What you say can’t be done, he says it can, and then he sets out about trying to show you how.”

“In 62 days, [the administration] went from initiating research to the first clinical trial, and we’re in phase 1 clinical trials now with other vaccines also being developed,” Mr. Pence replied. “You know, President Donald Trump’s a leader that when other people say, ‘You can’t,’ he says, ‘Stand back and we’re gonna prove you wrong,’ and that’s the approach that he’s taken to this throughout.”

The conversation then pivoted to reopening the U.S. economy and difficulties in dealing with politicians on the opposite side of the aisle.

“You look at Florida with the job Governor DeSantis is doing,” Mr. Limbaugh, a resident of the state, said. “He’s just doing a phenomenal job. Governor Kemp is doing a great job. You go to some of these blue states where these governors seem to have a political desire to inflict pain on your administration rather than get their states reopened. I’m not asking you to comment on that, but how do you coordinate with this new guidance from the CDC to reopen when you have some states that aren’t interested in it?”

“We’re coordinating with all the governors,” Mr. Pence assured the host. “As you point out, when we were only 30 days into 45 days to slow the spread, the president said, ‘Look, we want states to be ready — just as soon as they can safely do it — to open up America again,’ and that’s why a month ago we released those guidelines, the CDC guidelines that came out yesterday and we’ll continue to produce in the future.”

The men also addressed various other issues related to the contagion, which has infected over 1.4 million Americans while claiming roughly 87,000 lives.

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