- - Monday, March 9, 2020

Last weekend we again ‘sprung forward.’ Daylight saving time is a government-approved and widely accepted artificial time-change program that defies nature and makes people’s lives very difficult.

Some believe that daylight saving time was implemented to give farmers additional time to work in the field during daylight. Others believe that it is a way to reduce the consumption of electricity. But its advantages are far outweighed by its disadvantages.

Our bodies are meant to follow nature. Twice a year, the adjustments due to daylight saving time disrupt our circadian rhythm, thus harming our bodies. According to research, time change can cause confusion and depression in both the young and the old. Senior citizens and people with memory problems have difficulty adjusting to the changes, particularly if they are on a medication schedule. Also, there is a significant cost to manually changing the time on all watches and clocks, or facing the inconvenience that may result from forgetting to do so.

Daylight saving time serves no useful purpose in today’s world. It is time to retire this system and to follow the natural daily, monthly and yearly cycles.


Madison, Wisc.

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