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Thursday, March 26, 2020

The agent for disgruntled left tackle Trent Williams said his client’s trade request from the Washington Redskins isn’t about money, blasting reports that suggested the Pro Bowler wanting $20 million per year as “totally false.” 

Appearing on 106.7 The Fan, Vince Taylor, Williams‘ agent, suggested the Redskins were asking for compensation that was “totally absurd.” Taylor appeared on the radio station Thursday, two days after he sent a statement to reporters that demanded Williams‘ trade or release from Washington. 

“The contract has never been the holdup,” Taylor said. 

Taylor said Williams was disappointed after meeting new Redskins coach Ron Rivera, saying a 15-minute conversation left the Pro Bowl tackle feeling as there was no relationship between the two. 

Williams was also irked when Rivera met with tight end Greg Olsen in January, rather than meet with his star player, Taylor said.

Ron, in essence, wanted him to prove himself. ‘Prove yourself,’” Taylor said. “And then the nostalgia of everything that has happened, he realized that there’s no relationship here. It’s better for us to part ways.”

Williams first demanded a trade last June over a dispute with the team related to his contract and the medical staff’s handling of a cancerous tumor on the 31-year-old’s scalp. 

The Redskins were initially optimistic their relationship with Williams could be repaired after the season. But on March 5, Washington gave the seven-time Pro Bowler permission to seek a trade. 

Taylor said the Redskins also shopped Williams last month during the NFL combine. 

“Upon leaving the combine, the Redskins had not gotten one offer that they could bring to Trent and I so that I could negotiate our side,” Taylor said.”I had teams call me – and I won’t call them out – I had two teams call me that said, ‘Those guys do not know what they’re doing.’ Their ask is outrageous.” 

The Redskins are reportedly asking for a second-round pick or a package that would be of equal value, say a combination of picks or a pick and a player.

Taylor said the Redskins have been inconsistent in their ask, as well. He later added a team and Williams‘ side had a deal in place, but the Redskins refused to accept it. 

The compensation that they were asking for was totally absurd,” Taylor said. “And I had two teams call to tell me that.”

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