- The Washington Times
Wednesday, March 25, 2020

One member of the White House coronavirus task force is warranting very positive coverage from a wide range of news organizations.

Tasked with coordinating the national response to the pandemic, Dr. Deborah Birx has maintained a helpful, steadfast public presence during daily media appearances before a national audience.

The press has taken notice.

Both CNN and The Guardian called her a global health “legend” while the New York Times described Dr. Birx as “tough and disciplined” and busy “running what amounts to a coronavirus war room from the vice president’s office.”

Fox News characterized Dr. Birx as a “world-renowned medical expert”; Politico cited her “bipartisan credibility” as a clear asset.

Indeed, Dr. Birx served two decades the U.S. Army as a physician. During the Obama administration, she was appointed national coordinator for HIV/AIDS response in 2014, and also became U.S. State Department’s social representative for global health diplomacy.

“Despite her Obama-era appointment, Birx is a Republican and could be characterized as a conservative,” Politico said.

Dr. Brix has also won accolades for her fashion choices from multiple news organizations which praised her subdued but stylish and feminine wardrobe choices for daily TV appearances.

Birx has brought her special brand of sartorial serenity and strength to the country,” reported The New York Post, noting the physician’s trademark scarves and her lack of angular suits and “unimaginitive” dresses.

“She clearly hasn’t bothered with the power-dressing manual. She’s unknowingly writing her own,” the Post said.

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