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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

News organizations appear to be coordinating their efforts against President Trump on a weekly basis, using similar narratives and headlines. In recent days, the press collectively criticized his policy towards the coronavirus pandemic. Then Mr. Trump’s response to the death of George Floyd was in question. This week, the effort is directed towards lousy poll numbers.

Headlines from the past 24 hours suggest a pattern:

“Wave of new polling suggests an erosion of Trump’s support” (New York Times); “Investors brace for market swings as Trump slips in election polls” (Reuters); “Trump’s standing in the polls has worsened” (FiveThirtyEight); “Trump gets the old band together as he tumbles in the polls” (Politico); “2020 election: Joe Biden has a big lead, according to CNN poll” (Vox); “Biden builds largest lead this year” (CNN).

The CNN poll in question, by the way, found Mr. Biden besting Mr. Trump 55% to 43%. It is of note, however, that among the respondents, 32% described themselves as Democrats, 25% described themselves as Republicans, and 44% described themselves as independents or members of another party.

Meanwhile, Gallup currently places Mr. Trump’s overall approval rating at 49%, while a detailed Zogby poll has him at 48% — with a 51% approval rating among Hispanic voters, 54% among Generation X voters, and 57% among rural voters. Just to name a few.

“The big question is whether polls could be vastly underestimating the final turnout from Trump the same way they did in 2016. Media stories continue to be published about how Joe Biden appears to be winning all over the map, far ahead in key battleground states and winning the national numbers sometimes by double-digits. The same stories, at almost the same time period four years ago, were being written about the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump,” writes Nate Ashworth, founder of the news site Election Central.

“All sides were stunned at Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 when none of the conventional indicators seemed to forecast such a result. Will 2020 be similar, or will pollsters adjust models to try and ensure they are reflecting realistic numbers?” asks Mr. Ashworth.


Would the media prefer that the coronavirus lockdown continue as long as possible for political reasons? Six-out-of 10 likely U.S. voters now agree that journalists would like to see the shutdown “drag on so that it hurts President Trump’s chances of reelection in November” according to a new poll by the Media Research Center and McLaughlin and Associates.

It found that 87% of Republicans and 85% of conservatives agree with the idea, along with 39% of Democrats and 41% of liberals. Among those who support Mr. Trump, 88% agreed, along with 39% of those who don’t support the president. Among Hispanic voters, 48% said the press would prefer the lockdown continue, along with 42% of black voters, 61% of men and 59% of women.

“This is just more evidence of how at odds the American liberal media are with the American public. Honest journalism has been replaced with leftist advocacy. Even in these divisive times, both conservatives and liberals can agree on one thing: the media have it out for President Trump,” said Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center.

The survey of 1,000 likely voters was conducted May 21-26 and released Tuesday.


Must-have items of the moment are going commercial. Personal protective equipment vending machines have arrived in McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, peddling face masks and hand sanitizer in sleek units near placed near ticket counters and checkpoints.

A pack of three masks goes for $7.59 and hand sanitizer is $4.25 according to Prepango, a California-based vending machine manufacturer which specializes in providing items for “niche” markets.

Meanwhile, a single Rapid Mask2Go vending machine has been installed on New York City’s lower East Side, dispensing KN95 face masks for $4 each. The start-up company plans to expand to Philadelphia.

Vendamask has arrived in Britain, featuring fashionable masks. Then there are “Safety Stations” by Selecta, a nimble manufacturer which has already provided 1,000 new PPE units offering “essential gear” at train stations and airports in Belgium, Austria, Germany, France and Switzerland. It also offers personal hygiene and cleaning kits for the office — and a version for those who are still working at home.


“Recreate responsibly.”

Coronavirus concern has reached the wide open spaces. This phrase is the latest public notice from the National Park Service, now re-opening much of the nation’s incredible parks system,

The two words appear on rustic-style signs, which also advise the nation’s 300 million parkgoers to “please comply with state and local guidance,” social distancing and all.


For the 20th consecutive week, Fox News Channel has remained the most watched network in the entire cable TV kingdom, according to Nielsen Media Research. During the first week of June, Fox News enjoyed a prime-time audience of 4 million, followed by CNN in second place with 2.5 million, MSNBC (2.3 million), HGTV (1.3 million) and TLC (a million).

As usual, primetime hosts Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson remain the ratings kingpins, each with 4.8 million nightly viewers. The networks primetime line-up, which also includes Laura Ingraham, Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, comprised 7 of the top 12 programs in cable news.


22% of U.S. adults say there “definitely will” be a second wave of coronavirus if authorities ease up on public restrictions; 12% of Republicans, 18% of independents and 37% of Democrats agree.

39% think there “probably will” be a second wave; 33% of Republicans, 39% of independents and 44% of Democrats agree.

16% say there “probably will not” be a second wave; 29% of Republicans, 16% of independents and 5% of Democrats agree.

5% say there “definitely will not” be a second wave; 8% of Republicans, 5% of independents and 1% of Democrats agree.

18% are not sure; 18% of Republicans, 23% of independents and 14% of Democrats agree.

Source: An Economist/YouGov poll of 1,500 U.S. adults conducted May 31-June 2.

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