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Friday, July 24, 2020


A new poll from Rasmussen Reports finds that Americans, by a majority, see Blacks as more racist than Whites.

There’s a Black Lives Matter protest message just waiting to happen.

This is hardly the line of thought the left would have believed — or that wants believed, for that matter. There’s money to be made in victimhood; there are careers — political careers, nonprofit careers, activist careers and more — to be made in racism.

“Black people can’t be racist,” wrote Pambazuka News, an outlet that describes itself as a voice for “freedom and justice.”

And this, from Medium, a recent headline: “Can Black People Be Racist?”

The writer’s answer: “Racism can only exist when one group has power and influence over another. Black people have often been accused of being racist by the very people who were racist to them. The issue with calling a Black person racist is that Black people, by definition, cannot be racist.”



Somebody tell America.

‘Cause this is what Rasmussen just found: According to the telephone and online survey, 75% of American adults think “racism” can go all ways — in other words, that it’s defined by discrimination of one group against another, based on skin color and heritage.

Eighteen percent say most Whites in America are racist.

Twenty-five percent say most Blacks in America are racist.

Fifteen percent say most Hispanics in America are racist.

Thirteen percent say most Asians in America are racist.

That means: “Americans believe blacks are more racist than whites, Hispanics and Asians in this country,” Rasmussen wrote.

Make way for the protests.

Make way for the Black Lives Matter, Democrat, leftist-outraged arguments. 

After all, if Whites aren’t the brutal racists Americans have been pressed to believe, if Blacks are actually the ones to blame for all the racially toned uprisings in recent time, where does that leave those who’ve made names for themselves decrying all this White-against-Black racism?

Having to put back some monuments, for one.

Having to recognize the Constitution as a document of good and fair governance, for another.

Having to quit the fund-raising based on police brutality, for yet another.

Having to go home, get off the streets, wipe away all the Black Lives Matter slogans from business storefronts, and admit and acknowledge uncomfortable truths. And look to removing logs from their own eyes, rather than pointing to sticks — toothpicks — in others.

In short: There goes the whole Democratic Party’s platform. 

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