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Ghislaine Maxwell’s recent arrest on charges of luring underage girls for sexual exploitation by Jeffrey Epstein has many feeling justice is just around the corner for a number of evil people.

However, if we as a society are so disturbed by the actions of Epstein, Miss Maxwell and an untold number of others, then why are we allowing America’s public schools to groom our children to be sexualized?

Leading this despicable charge are unions posing as teachers and the deceptively named Healthy Teen Network, a coalition of over 180 sexual and reproductive-health justice organizations, including the CDC, Planned Parenthood and SIECUS whose motto is “Sex Ed for social change.” Their collective call to action demands funding and legislation for their brand of sex education, which they assert is a “human right.”

During COVID-19 shutdowns, as good teachers scrambled to deliver virtual reading and math instruction, the coalition slipped pornographic material into teacher resources and encouraged educators to give students access. The materials appear so child-friendly, many teachers provide access to abuse without knowing it.

Among other scandalous lessons, kids can obtain “5 Tips for Your Sexual Health During COVID 19” written by “expert” Ella Dorval Hall, a 2018 college graduate with a degree in environmental studies. Her tips encourage our kids to engage in sexting, solo sex (masturbation), pornography, self-dating and communications with online sex experts. Her lessons on how to masturbate provide “extra tips” for those with a clitoris.

Dorval Hall assures your daughters that sexting makes women four times more likely to feel “empowered” and “confident,” and then provides links, including 54 sexting ideas that are so X-Rated I cannot print them here. She asks our kids “Interested in watching porn?” and leads them to social media sex experts who instruct them in the use of sex toys and give them tips for “dirty talk” and sexual consent.

So while you’re trying to protect your children from online perverts and predators like Epstein, those labeled “experts” by government-run public schools give the predators access.

These “experts” claim decades of research prove parents and communities want this sort of sexualized education, though every father I know wants to clobber them, and real teachers, like me, are shouting child abuse!

And beware, Healthy Teen Network’s strategic plan states, “By 2020, Healthy Teen Network will work in all 50 states, U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia.”

Though healthy adults know that sexualizing children leads to heightened sexual activity and even abuse by predators like Epstein, the “experts,” nonetheless, have a stronghold in America’s schools thanks to government unions. Unions have woven a tangled web of well-funded organizations, governmental agencies, corrupt politicians and activists who deceive Americans into looking the other way while they sexually molest our kids.

For example, California Assemblywoman Shirley Nash Weber secured her political position thanks to the staunch support of “teachers” unions. She was honored by the Healthy Teen Network for making comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) a legal mandate in public schools.

CSE is the gateway for the coalition’s sexually-abusive materials, so parents and teachers are pushing back, but we’re continually shut down by a two-thirds majority Democratic legislature controlled by unions and their brutal coalition.

In other words, those grooming our kids for sexual predators give politicians awards while subverting parents.

Many Americans think we Californians and teachers are OK with this nightmare. We’re not.

My friend Brenda Lebsack, a parent, teacher and school board member, fights CSE.

Brenda received a letter from the California Department of Education (CDE) and the Orange County Department of Education. Both agencies directed teachers to send students to disturbing virtual sex-ed sites. Brenda wrote a letter to the CDE, the county board, county superintendent of schools and California School Boards Association urging them to provide full transparency to parents and teachers.

She asked them to show parents the AMAZE videos that indoctrinate 10-years-olds on a range of gender choices and recommend puberty blockers for “questioning” prepubescent children.

She felt parents should know about the video cartoon featuring flavored condoms in case kids are “lucky enough” to get some sex, and the porn video that promotes having gay sex with a stranger.

She thought Muslim parents would want to know their students are targeted with messages that deceive children into believing the Koran and their Islamic prophets endorse gender variations and expansive sexual orientations.

Brenda also warned that the coalition organization they recommended, Advocates For Youth, “squelch and ridicule the idea that gender is biological, glamorize abortion, defy parental involvement of students’ decisions, and empower rebellion and even revolt against any traditional family values.”

Brenda — a school board member representing her community — sent her letter in early June. Not surprisingly, she’s received no response.

This is outrageous. And it’s precisely why our Founders never intended for our schools to be “public” or controlled by government and union forces. It’s also why the recent Supreme Court decision permitting religious schools to benefit from private school-choice programs brings hope. Now all we need is to expose the misuse of “separation of church and state” so that all children can be educated free from government intrusion and free from perverts masquerading as experts and educators.

• Rebecca Friedrichs is the founder of For Kids & Country, author of “Standing Up to Goliath: Battling State and National Teachers’ Unions for the Heart and Soul of our Kids and Country” and a 28-year public school teacher who was lead plaintiff in Friedrichs v. CTA. 

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