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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

In a bizarre incident, a Florida construction worker is accused of killing his boss with a trowel during a political argument on a state turnpike building site.

Mason Toney, 28, faces possible murder charges after he allegedly attacked William Knight, 28, around 10:30 a.m. Monday, during an argument over politics, according to authorities.

Mr. Toney is a vociferous paranoiac when it comes to the government while Knight was a supporter of President Trump, police said.

“Toney is anti-government and very outspoken about his beliefs that the government is bad and out to get him,” read an arrest affidavit filled out by the Orange County Sheriff’s department.

When deputies arrived, Knight’s body was crumpled near an excavator with a new U.S. flag draped over the remains. It was unclear who or when the flag had been purchased, and no one at the site claimed ownership of it, according to reports.

Not on the scene was Mr. Toney, who had allegedly stolen a white pickup truck and then led deputies on a chase that ended when he crashed the pickup in Brevard County.

Mr. Toney was being held without bond Wednesday in Orange County.

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