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Thursday, January 16, 2020


Bernie Sanders, the senior Vermont senator running again for president, presents himself as a health care know-it-all with his Medicare for All plan.

But you know better, don’t you?

If you think you do, perhaps you should read Rick Becker’s op-ed in Friday’s Washington Times, wherein the good doctor writes that the Sanders plan means “patients simply will not pay when they receive treatment at the doctor’s office. But such a state of affairs can only open a Pandora’s box of unforeseen consequences, from doctor shortages to a net lack of access to care to the complete eradication of individual choice.”

In other words, a bureaucrat seated in Washington, an algorithm triggered by artificial intelligence, or the Democrats adopting Elizabeth Warren’s plan to wipe out your daughter’s or grandson’s medical school expenses means you bear the cost anyway because they do not have a job.

American taxpayers wouldn’t win for losing.

But back to political rhetoric.

2020. This is the year, the year that ordinary American voters will hit the polls to decide who succeeds Donald Trump as president. Mr. Sanders, who wants to outdo FDR, Truman and LBJ, Mike Bloomberg, who has unlimited dimes to spare, Pete Buttigieg of Indiana or Joe Biden, the Democratic Party standard bearer. All four speak their truth to their power.

And how do they do that? Well, they’re Democrats, which means they tell you what they want you to hear.

Need another example? Let’s try Muriel Bowser.

Miss Bowser is the mayor of the nation’s capital and a Democrat. A true blue progressive, she’s mastered the fine art of projecting a New York state of mind. Like FDR, she wants the taxpayers to finance subsidized housing; place caps on the price, number and size of individual housing units; and dictate the staffing and governance of the proposed housing.

All that control ensures the government will surely fall short — as it did last year at an single-family home in Northwest.

There, a father and his 9-year-old son died in a house fire because wrought-iron barriers and locked doors prohibited them and other residents from escaping. Even first responders had trouble entering the blazing house.

Police had unfurled red flags because the licensed commercial property was being occupied as a rooming house, and the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) and fire authorities were warned. Yet the house was not inspected.

What should have happened since the fatal fire has not. Miss Bowser has yet to stand before cameras to detail how she proposes to ensure that DCRA inspectors do their job.

Instead, the Bowser administration and its enablers plate and dish red herring — public housing, as in affordable housing.

It’s possible City Hall knows the D.C. government can’t meet its own safety laws, rules and regulations regarding rental housing, including:

⦁ Exits, doors and windows that can be opened from the inside without keys.

⦁ At least one exterior emergency escape for every sleeping room below the fourth floor.

⦁ At least one working fire extinguisher.

⦁ Interconnected smoke alarms on every level and inside each bedroom or sleeping.

It’s the kind of nitty-gritty details Democrats, liberals, progressives and socialists don’t want to discuss — and won’t discuss unless you push them to sweat the details.

You’d think the Dems learned in 2016 to scrap the crap. Ordinary Americans, after all was said and done, chose Donald Trump, didn’t they?

⦁ Deborah Simmons can be contacted at dsimmons@washingtontimes.com.

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