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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Senate Republicans are pushing legislation that would eliminate the tax-deductibility of abortions, saying the Internal Revenue Service should not categorize it as medical care.

Sen. Mike Lee authored the proposal and has 16 Republican co-sponsors for the bill in the Senate, while Rep. Andy Biggs previously introduced companion legislation in the House.

“The government should not offer tax benefits for a procedure that kills hundreds of children each year, not should taxpayers subsidize such a practice,” Mr. Lee said in a statement. “This undermines the truth that all human beings have dignity and worth, and that the purpose of healthcare is to heal and care for them — not kill them.”

The move comes on the heels of Planned Parenthood’s annual report that revealed record-high taxpayer-funding for the country’s largest abortion provider. Planned Parenthood received nearly $617 million in taxpayer dollars last fiscal year and performed a record number of abortions at its clinics.

A spokesman for Mr. Lee said the “Abortion Is Not Healthcare Act of 2020” was not motivated by the new data regarding Planned Parenthood, as Senate Republicans began drafting the legislation before Planned Parenthood’s report became public earlier this month.

The House legislation introduced by Mr. Biggs in 2019 was developed with the help of March for Life Action. Several right-leaning and pro-life advocacy groups endorsed the Arizona Republican’s bill including Heritage Action for America, Concerned Women for America, and the U.S. Conference for Catholic Bishops.

The legislation is set to make taxpayer funding for abortions a hot-button issue for lawmakers campaigning for office in 2020. The battle over abortion figures to spill over into the 2020 election race as lawmakers, judges and the executive branch will all deliver key policymaking decisions involving abortion before the November election.

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