Sunday, December 27, 2020


Every Washington Football Team scandal over the past 20 years always ends up with team owner Dan Snyder as the victim. The accuser is always made out to be the villain. The pattern continues today. The current victim card has Mr. Snyder claiming a conspiracy out to get him (“LOVERRO: Rivera aside, the culture won’t change until the ownership does,” Web, Dec. 25).

What goes around comes around. Mr. Snyder has caused tremendous harm to so many. The man is a class-action suit in the making. It’s hard to believe legal professionals haven’t assembled former employees for such action.

The NFL, in its misplaced wisdom, has covered for Mr. Snyder and now they are up to their necks in damage control.

Here is a news flash: You can’t fix this and there’s more of it out there. An educated decision ends this trucker’s story by eliminating the common denominator. Dan Snyder has to go.

There are some 45 current sexual harassment victims. Mr. Snyder owns 44.5 percent of the team. Can anyone figure out how to conclude this scandal with that information in hand?

If minority ownership has a place in the NFL, there are 45 women standing in line to make history.


Mt. Airy, Md.

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