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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Rudolph W. Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer, on Thursday said Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist group and that African Americans have suggested to him that they’re not being labeled as such “just because they’re Black.”

The former New York mayor said both Black Lives Matter and the anti-fascist group Antifa are “domestic terrorist groups — without any doubt.”

“You know who knows that best? African Americans,” Mr. Giuliani said on “Fox & Friends.” “I’ve actually had them tell me — why aren’t they classified as a terrorist group? Is it just because they’re Black, and nobody can say it?”

He said some of the people instrumental in the group were “big shots” in the Weather Underground.

Mr. Giuliani named Susan Rosenberg, who has sat on the board of Thousand Currents, a group that has done work for the Black Lives Matter Global Network Project.

Rosenberg served 16 years in jail on weapons charges and was granted clemency by former President Bill Clinton on his last day in office.

“Stop the nonsense,” Mr. Giuliani said. “These are killers, and these are people who hate White people. They’re people who hate White men in particular, and they want to do away with a mother-father family — they don’t think fathers are necessary.”

“This is what we’re talking about — not the bull you get on silly telly,” he said.

Host Ainsley Earhart tried to clarify that there’s a difference between the “Black Lives Matter” slogan and movement for racial and social justice and more militant anti-police activists.

She then tried to end the interview.

“One hundred percent, Ainsley — that’s a very, very important point that has to be made over and over again,” Mr. Giuliani said. “Thank you for making it.”

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