- The Washington Times
Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Former Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday President Trump has hurt the nation’s standing across the globe, and his erratic approach has undermined the strong economy he inherited from the Obama-Biden administration.

“What Donald Trump inherited, which was a growing economy and a world of respect, he has turned into a world in chaos, literally, and our nation and the world, with respect to all these critical priorities, is in much greater risk as a result of this,” Mr. Kerry, the Democratic Party’s 2004 presidential nominee, said in a video call with reporters.

Mr. Kerry said the lack of leadership from The White House has divided the nation and left a global power vacuum.

“For the first time in my memory as a public person, even back when I was serving in the military, the United States of America is not the leader of the free world,” he said. “The world does not have a leader of the free world at this moment.”

Mr. Kerry is slated to speak Tuesday at the virtual Democratic National Convention.

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