Monday, April 6, 2020


After spending so much time separated physically from friends and family, few can doubt that the whole nation is engaged in a real war against the COVID-19 pandemic. As in all past national emergencies, the nation looks to the government for leadership, and press conferences led by President Trump have been held daily.

Although some state governors have complained that the Trump administration has been too slow to provide required medical equipment to deal with this devastating virus, too many forget that it is state and local authorities which have more control of the population’s daily lives. This lesson will be important to recall when we finally emerge from all these necessary restrictions, because the Democrats will make every effort to tar Mr. Trump with every deficiency that has been observed during the crisis.

Those with shorter memories need to look back at what happened after Britain finally celebrated victory after World War II. The world-acclaimed architect of that victory, Winston Churchill, was defeated in the following general election. The Labor Party achieved this remarkable victory by alleging that Churchill was a warmonger.

It is vital that the Trump campaign start immediately countering the propaganda that the Democrats are already hatching. For the sake of our nation, we do not want to see a repeat of the mistake the British electorate made. They had to wait five years to correct it.


Rockville, Md.

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