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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Joe Scarborough mocked “party of life” Republicans for their push to reopen the economy as cold-blooded killers of aging war veterans.

The MSNBC host echoed reports of House Speaker Pelosi’s recent phone call to members of the Democratic caucus, which framed Republicans for “almost sinful” for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“They’re basically saying, ‘Yes, older people are going to die. The Greatest Generation, a lot of people in the Greatest Generation are going to die.’ … A lot of people are going to die that are Korean War vets and Vietnam vets. But you know what? We have gotta get Wall Street purring again,’” Mr. Scarborough told a “Morning Joe” panel, NewsBusters reported Thursday. “It’s really — it’s an astonishing argument from the, quote, ‘party of life.’”

The former Republican pundit’s comments come three days after Mrs. Pelosi blasted President Trump’s stated desire to get Americans working as soon as possible. 

“The more misrepresentations he puts out there, the more it obscures the truth,” Mrs. Pelosi told Democrats on a Monday caucus call, sources told Politico on Monday. “We have to insist upon the truth — what they’re saying is not knowledge, is not facts, is not real.”

Mr. Scarborough’s panel agreed with his premise, at which he point he asserted: “There’s no other way to put it.”

“Make no mistake of it,” he said. “It’s a growing argument in Donald Trump’s Republican Party, ‘Yeah, senior citizens are gonna die, but you know what, the bottom line is more important.’”

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