- The Washington Times
Thursday, September 5, 2019

General Motors CEO Mary Barra is meeting with President Trump at the White House Thursday afternoon for a discussion expected to cover the trade war with China and the administration’s proposal for revising fuel economy standards.

The meeting comes after the president called auto company executives, particularly at Ford, “foolish” for not getting on board his proposal to freeze miles-per-gallon requirements at current levels until 2025.

“We’re giving them a tremendous option, if they want the option,” Mr. Trump told reporters on Wednesday.

GM hasn’t taken a position on the mileage proposal. Ford, Volkswagen, BMW and Honda have reached a deal with California to increase mileage standards, setting up a new confrontation with the administration.

Amid his tariff war with Beijing, Mr. Trump also has called on GM to move some of its operations from China to the U.S.

China revealed last week that it would impose a 25% tariff later this year on all U.S.-made cars that enter the country.

GM also has announced the closing of factories in Michigan, Ohio and Maryland, moves that Mr. Trump has criticized. The automaker is in talks with the United Auto Workers union ahead of a contract expiration on Sept. 14.

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