- The Washington Times
Wednesday, September 25, 2019

South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg starting airing a new presidential campaign ad in Iowa touting his plan to expand health care access across the country.

Mr. Buttigieg says in the 30-second “Your Choice” television spot that his health care vision is “very different” from some of his Democratic rivals who are pushing “Medicare for All.”

“First, my plan gives everybody access to Medicare — everybody,” he says in the ad. “But, if you’re happy with the private insurance you’ve got, my plan would let you stick with it — if you want.”

“Now, others say it’s Medicare for All or nothing,” he says.

The debate over how to strengthen the nation’s health care system has been a central part of the 2020 Democratic nomination race.

Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont has led the charge on Medicare for All, pushing a bill that would virtually eliminate private health insurance over four years.

Others, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, have endorsed the idea.

Mr. Buttigieg, meanwhile, has made the case that voters should ultimately have the choice between private health care and a Medicare for All system.

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