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Monday, September 16, 2019

“South Park” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker say they aren’t going to allow an entertainment landscape littered with President Trump jokes to dictate their creative process.

The men responsible for Stan, Kyle, Cartman and a host of other iconic characters since 1997 recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the show’s longevity, their future and cultural changes over the past two decades.

Mr. Stone sounded off on both “cancel culture” and the overreliance of many shows on Mr. Trump.

“The kids [today] are f–—g different than us,” he told the magazine. “There’s a generational thing going on. I know some people have been canceled for genuinely, like, personal behavior, but Dave [Chappelle] is not getting canceled anytime soon.”

The writer then turned his attention to television critics who panned Mr. Chappelle’s Netflix special “Sticks & Stones” for its lack of political correctness.

“I feel bad for television critics and cultural critics,” Mr. Stone said Sept. 12. “They may have laughed like hell at that, and then they went home and they know what they have to write to keep their job. So when I read TV reviews or cultural reviews, I think of someone in prison, writing. I think about somebody writing a hostage note. This is not what they think. This is what they have to do to keep their job in a social media world. So I don’t hold it against them.”

Mr. Stone also commented on “South Park,” which was renewed through 2022 by Comedy Central and will begin its 23rd season on Sept. 25.

“We don’t have any rules,” he said of the pair’s approach to comedy.

Mr. Parker said that while he isn’t opposed to making jokes inspired by Mr. Trump, Season 22 offered them a chance to creatively zig while everyone else zagged.

“It was nice for us,” Mr. Parker said. “It was nice to not come in and talk about Donald Trump. And I think it was nice for people to watch and go, ‘Oh, yeah, there is still comedy outside of f–—g Donald Trump. There is still funny s– as the world goes on.’ And you can get your Trump comedy on so many other shows.”

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