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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Sean Hannity has mentioned Hillary Clinton on his prime-time Fox News program in nearly nine out of every 10 episodes aired since President Trump took office, according to a recent report.

Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump’s rival in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, has continued to receive practically constant coverage from Mr. Hannity since the results of the White House race took effect nearly three years ago, according to an analysis undertaken by Media Matters for America.

Mrs. Clinton was brought up during 536 out of 587 episodes of “Hannity” broadcast between Jan. 20, 2017, and Aug. 31, 2019, or 91% of the episodes aired during that span, the media watchdog group reported.

Mr. Hannity personally mentioned Mrs. Clinton during 505 of the broadcasts, or 86%, the report said. Guests but not the host mentioned Mrs. Clinton in the other 31 episodes of “Hannity,” according to the report.

Matt Gertz, a senior fellow for Media Matters who authored the report, wrote that Mr. Hannity’s “Clinton fixation is largely a reflection of his show’s focus on the dizzying conspiracy theory he constructed to defend Trump from the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election.”

Federal intelligence agencies have assessed that the Russian government interfered in the race to elect Mr. Trump over his Democratic opponent, and Mr. Hannity, a conservative commentator and unabashed Trump supporter who has claimed to be his biggest fan at Fox News, has been among the loudest critics on cable news of the subsequent investigation launched by the Department of Justice.

Scouring hundreds of episodes of “Hannity” for references to Mrs. Clinton revealed “truly gobsmacking statistics,” Mr. Gertz wrote: Mr. Hannity referenced Mrs. Clinton during 60 consecutive episodes of his Fox News program aired between April and July, during which he mentioned Vice President Mike Pence on just two nights; and the longest Mr. Hannity has gone without mentioning Mrs. Clinton on his Fox News show was a five-episode streak in the spring of 2017.

Mr. Hannity did not immediately return a message requesting comment.

Mr. Trump recently applauded Mr. Hannity for having the most-watched program on cable news last month, meanwhile.

“Has anyone noticed that the top shows on @foxnews and cable ratings are those that are Fair (or great) to your favorite President, me! Congratulations to @seanhannity for being the number one show on Cable Television,” Mr. Trump tweeted.

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