- The Washington Times
Wednesday, October 9, 2019

An Indiana church that set a goal to pay off $2 million worth of people’s medical smashed expectations by raising nearly four times that much.

Northview Church said they were able to pay off $7.8 million worth of medical bills for over 6,000 families across their community.

The church acted after seeing the stress high medical bills placed on members of the community.

“It adds up and so it causes stress with relationships with spouses with kids, just thinking about all that,” said Andy Stephenson, pastor of Northview Church’s Carmel, Indiana campus, according to WHAS.

“So we wanted to do something to bless the community and just say ‘hey God cares about you. Northview cares about you. We want to take some of this stress off of you,’” he added.

The church originally announced it would be paying off $2 million worth of expenses but was able to raise that total higher after more churches joined in and they worked with RIP Medical Debt, which buys debt for a fraction of the price.


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