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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Comedian Tom Arnold had a message Thursday for Project Veritas president James O’Keefe: Nobody likes you.

“Don’t kid yourself. @JamesOKeefeIII Everybody hates you,” said Mr. Arnold on Twitter. “This is the first thing you’ve done that seems legit. Feels good, right? Stop doing fake news.”

Roseanne Barr’s ex-husband was apparently referring to the hot-mic video posted Tuesday by Project Veritas showing ABC anchor Amy Robach venting about the network’s unwillingness to air her story about billionaire sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein.

ABC has issued a statement saying the story failed to meet its editorial standards.

In 2009, Mr. O’Keefe and Hannah Giles undertook a hidden-camera investigation into the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now [ACORN], in which they posed as a pimp and prostitute seeking advice on how to start a brothel in Baltimore.

Congress reacted by cutting off funding to ACORN, which shut its doors in 2010.

Mr. Arnold’s film credits include “True Lies” (1994), “McHale’s Navy” (2007) and Madea’s Witness Protection” (2011).

“By the way, I loved you in ‘True Lies,’” tweeted Mr. O’Keefe.

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