Thursday, November 7, 2019


While there is some serious question about how we would pay for the Elizabeth Warren-proposed “Medicare for All” plan, another weakness in Ms. Warren’s plan should be self-evident. With no additional charges for medical-care usage, the number of individuals who previously chose or were forced by financial circumstances to avoid medical care will now be few in number. There will be an influx of such individuals into the current available medical facilities.

The obvious result will be the usual with “free stuff”: insufficient resources (in this case, medical facilities and doctors). The resultant necessary increased enrollment in medical and nursing schools will barely be handled by existing schools. Invariably, hospitals will be subject to more patients than they are equipped to handle.

The results of this plan will be catastrophic outside of the cost. Patients will have to stand in line for treatment because medical support will not be immediately available or forthcoming. Ms. Warren’s plan signals the demise of the superior medical treatment for which our nation is noted.


New York

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