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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Donald Trump Jr. says only a “fool” would deny the existence of the deep state in 2019.

The president’s son made the comment Thursday in an appearance on The Rush Limbaugh Show, having earlier in the day promoted his book “Triggered” on ABC’s “The View.” Mr. Trump Jr. said years spent dealing with the Mueller report, the Democrats’ impeachment probe, and the Ukraine whistleblower story speaks volumes.

“We are under the gun,” he told the talk radio icon. “We are a threat to the deep state. And, by the way, if you didn’t believe in the deep state before 2016, I can actually understand that. If you don’t believe in them wholeheartedly now, you’re a fool, and their actions have shown us that.”

Mr. Limbaugh noted that Mark S. Zaid, the Ukraine whistleblower’s attorney, was literally tweeting about starting a “coup” and laying the groundwork for impeachment in 2017.

“#coup has started,” Mr. Zaid tweeted in January 2017. “First of many steps. #rebellion. #impeachment will follow ultimately.”

Mr. Zaid’s tweet came after Sally Yates was fired as acting attorney general for disobeying the president’s orders on immigration policy.

“What people like to neglect — and it’s always interesting,” Mr. Trump Jr. said. “I did 30 hours of testimony in front of the House and the Senate, in front of all of these committees about an unsolicited 20-minute meeting. But there’s been nothing about 33,000 emails deleted — under subpoena, Rush. What do you think would happen if a Trump did that? How about if a Trump paid foreign operatives to go into the Ukraine, to go into Russia, to collect the dossier dirt, to leak it to the FBI who then leaks it to the press?”

Mr. Trump Jr. then said reporters and corrupt bureaucrats essentially work together to destroy his father’s administration.

“The press writes a story,” he said. “The same the FBI that leaked the story to the press utilizes that story as a justification for the FISA warrants to start the greatest coup and the greatest farce in the history of the republic.”

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