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Thursday, November 7, 2019


Sen. Bernie Sanders, on the campaign trail but taking a time out for a “Deconstructed” podcast interview with host Mehdi Hassan, said he’d indeed consider Sen. Elizabeth Warren as a “running mate” if he wins the Democratic Party’s nomination.

(Which he won’t. Thank God. But just in case he does.)

What a pairing of loons that would be.

Free “Medicare for All.” Free prescription pills for all. Down with Wall Street. Down with the free market. Up with taxes; up with government-pressed theft of the rich to give to the poor. Yay, Robin Hood; boo bootstrap independence.

Hasan asked, “[Would you] be open to Elizabeth Warren as [your] running mate?”

And Sanders replied: “I would look absolutely to Elizabeth Warren as somebody who would play a very, very important role in everything that we’re doing.”


A Sanders-Warren ticket would kill this country.

Sanders, in his interview, even admitted as much. He said he’s running hard to shift the party “away from their dependency on corporate money, on billionaire money, to the needs and the support of working people in this country.”

That’s code for Socialist Takeover.

And that’s a warning of Killing This Country.

Just ‘cause Sanders didn’t say it outright doesn’t mean it wasn’t implied. Vote Sanders, the candidate of hope and communist change. 

Not as implied?

This bit of Bernie bravado: “Trump will accept [not challenge] the election results. And when I defeat him, I will become the president of the United States.”

What a yuuuuge leap of faith that is.

But God help us all if his miracle comes true.

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