- The Washington Times
Sunday, November 3, 2019

Fighters in the ISIS terror organization now being held by Turkey will be shipped back to their home countries, even if they don’t want them, government officials in Ankara said.

Turkey’s interior minister, Suleyman Soylu, has criticized European governments who have refused to repatriate their nationals who joined the Islamic State group to fight in Syria and Iraq.

“This is not acceptable to us. It’s also irresponsible,” Mr. Solyu said, according to Reuters. “We will send the captured Daesh (ISIS) members to their countries.”

President Trump also has talked about sending the captured ISIS members to their home countries but so far says he hasn’t gotten any takers.

“We offered to give the ones from the U.K. back to the U.K. but they don’t want them. We offered France (and) we offered Germany,” President Trump said, according to Reuters.

Germany has repatriated some children and women, allowing adult males to remain in Kurdish custody. France has advocated sending its ISIS members home to face justice there, according to Reuters.

There have been escapes from Kurdish-controlled jails following Turkey’s incursion into northern Syria. Reuters reported that some escapees have been recaptured by Turkish troops.

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