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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Advocates of socialism such as Sen. Bernard Sanders continue to present their case to the American people. Trouble is, the American people are not buying the claims made by the self-described democratic socialist from Vermont. The public instead offers hearty accolades for capitalism and traditional Main Street business according to a new Gallup poll.

“Americans’ reaction to the term ‘socialism’ remains more negative than positive in new Gallup polling, while solid majorities continue to view capitalism and free enterprise positively,” Gallup reports in research released Monday that has tracked these trends for almost a decade.

It found that 57% of the public give a thumbs-down to socialism, while just 39% have a positive opinion. Gallup says these ratings have remained steady for the last nine years. The public, meanwhile, has very warm feelings about capitalism, small business and free enterprise.

“Americans’ ratings of capitalism have not changed and are about the inverse of socialism’s ratings, with roughly six in 10 viewing capitalism positively. Americans are even more positive toward ‘free enterprise,’ with 87% evaluating that term positively,” the survey analysis advises.

Here are the numbers:

• 97% of Americans have a positive view of small business.

• 90% have a positive view of entrepreneurs.

• 87% feel positive about free enterprise; 60% say the same of capitalism.

• 52% feel positive about big business.

• 39% fell positive about socialism.

• 38% feel positive about the federal government.

Source: A Gallup poll of 1,525 U.S, adults conducted Sept. 3-15 and released Monday.

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