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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Rush Limbaugh says Democrats and “Never Trump” Republicans are “hell-bent” on dragging the nation into a “Twilight Zone” nightmare.

Americans for generations have visited the fictional “middle ground between light and shadow,” but the radio host says an unrelenting hatred for President Trump is driving the U.S. towards a surrealist reality.

“Greetings, my friends,” Mr. Limbaugh said Thursday. “The surreal nature of our lives today — those of us who are engaged and enmeshed in politics. The surreal nature, the ‘Twilight Zone’ nature of all this just continues.”

Mr. Limbaugh said that reactions to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report by Democrats and some Republicans can be described with one word: “crazy.”

“So we got the Mueller report out. It finds no collusion. There never was any,” he said. “Here comes a so-called Republican senator on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr from North Carolina, who does not have the support of any other Republican on the committee, issuing a new subpoena or request for Donald Trump Jr. to come up and offer more testimony, after the case is closed.”

“It’s like I say, it’s surreal,” he continued. “This is over. There never was anything here. There never was a damn thing in this investigation. It has all been made up. It was all tied to the Steele dossier, which everybody’s admitting now was paid for by the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton. … [The president’s critics] are hell-bent on making this work because they were so sure it was gonna work when the Mueller investigation began.”

Mr. Limbaugh then said the House Judiciary Committee’s vote to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt for refusing to release the unredacted Mueller report was equally bizarre.

Trump administration has asserted executive privilege. It is going to refuse to allow their attorney general to break the law,” he continued. “We have a ‘constitutional crisis’ because the attorney general of the United States will not break the law. … In point of fact, the attorney general was under no legal requirement to even make this report public. The attorney general was under no legal requirement to share this with the United States Congress. … The regulations and the statutes attaching to this particular special counsel — remember, this is special counsel, not independent counsel. … And now this is where this gets really crazy because the Democrats are claiming this is grounds for impeachment while at the same time they are saying that Trump is trying to goad them into impeaching him.”

Mr. Limbaugh then cited reports that “Never Trump” Republicans were planning to recruit a third-party candidate who would play a spoiler role in key states with the intent of electing a Democrat over the Republican.

“I think the degree, the level of hatred for Donald Trump and all of you who voted for him is so great that if they have to destroy the Republican Party, if that’s what it takes to get rid of Donald Trump, they are going to be more than willing to do it because their egos tell them they’ll be able to put the Republican Party back together after all of this and it will be better and it will be stronger and it will be more moderate than ever before,” he said. “That would be a dream come true for the Mitt Romneys and the Ben Sasses and all these Never Trumper intellectual magazine writers and publishers and you name it.”

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