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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Chicago Cubs are investigating an incident Tuesday night in which a fan flashed the “OK” sign behind player-turned-reporter Doug Glanville.

Pranksters who seek to convince gullible journalists and politicians that the “OK” sign secretly doubles as a “white power” signal baited another big name: Cubs President of Business Operations Crane Kenney.

“We are currently investigating an incident that occurred during the Cubs’ May 7 broadcast on NBC Sports Chicago while reporter Doug Glanville was on the air,” said in a statement released after the broadcast. “An individual seated behind Mr. Glanville used what appears to be an offensive hand gesture that is associated with racism. … We are reviewing the incident thoroughly because no one should be subjected to this type of offensive behavior.”

Mr. Kenney added that such “repulsive behavior is not tolerated” at the ballpark and that anyone caught flashing the “OK” sign would be “permanently banned from Wrigley Field.”

Independent journalist Tim Pool reacted Wednesday to the story by deadpanning: “We live in hell.”

“The troll that keeps on giving,” someone responded.

Similarly, conservative writer Rich Lowry wrote a September 2018 op-ed warning liberals that their continued fascination with the “OK” sign was a “self-own.”

“The whole idea that the OK sign is a white-power signal — the fingers secretly representing a ‘W’ for white and a “P” for power — is a hoax,” he wrote. “The idea was pushed by internet trolls to fool credulous liberals into picking it up. Mission accomplished. … the left’s racial theory of America is basically a conspiracy theory. It believes in a deeply embedded, all-pervasive white supremacy. Everyone on the right is a budding Richard Spencer.”

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