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Friday, May 3, 2019

Freshman Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s impeachment resolution gained another signature on Thursday, with Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Oregon Democrat, becoming its seventh co-sponsor.

“The House must uncover the truth for the American people and hold Trump accountable,” Mr. Blumenauer tweeted, saying he was joining his Michigan colleague’s initiative “after much thought.”

While he doesn’t want the House to move immediately to file articles of impeachment, Mr. Blumenauer said it was Congress’ duty to delve into the “treasure trove of information” contained in the Mueller report.

Ms. Tlaib’s resolution doesn’t initiate articles of impeachment, but would have the Judiciary Committee begin an investigation to lay the groundwork for impeaching the president.

“The House should use all the tools at its disposal to find the truth, because the facts are not going to change. Congress has a responsibility to hold public hearings to receive and understand all information to adequately make the case,” Mr. Blumenauer said in a statement.

The resolution had just two sponsors — Ms. Tlaib and Rep. Al Green, Texas Democrat — before Congress left for its spring break.

The release of the 448-page special counsel’s report added some momentum, but not very much.

Five Democrats signed onto the bill Monday, the first day Congress returned to Washington. But no others until Mr. Blumenauer on Thursday.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared to tamp down talk of impeachment amongst her party during the two-week Easter break as the rally cry for impeachment only resulted in six new co-sponsors for Ms. Tlaib’s resolution.

“Sometimes I say impeachment is the easy way out for some of these people because they know it will end at the Senate’s edge,” the top-ranking House Democrat told reporters Thursday.

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