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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Nevada’s Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak is poised to sign revamped abortion law that garnered zero Republican support from the assembly’s lower chamber.

Senate Bill 179, which passed 27-13 on Tuesday, ends a requirement for doctors performing abortions to explain “the physical and emotional implications” for the patient.

Women who perform abortions on themselves or consume abortion-inducing drugs will also not be subjected to penalties.

“We’re here today fighting a national fight and getting to see Nevada move forward,” Democratic Sen. Yvanna Cancela told a crowd of supporters.

Democratic Assemblywoman Shea Backus also called for ending “draconian laws that have no business in a free society.”

Assemblywoman Dina Nea of Las Vegas was the only Democrat to join 12 Assembly Republicans in voting against the bill, the Las Vegas-Review Journal reported.

Tuesday’s legislative victory for the SB179, also called the “Trust Nevada Women Act,” follows last months’ 12-9 vote in the state’s Senate.

Mr. Sisolak has not yet commented on the bill’s passage.

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