- The Washington Times
Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Homeland Security announced Wednesday it was suspending flights between the U.S. and Venezuela, saying the security situation has deteriorated so badly that the safety of passengers and crew cannot be guaranteed.

Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan made the determination.

“This determination is based on the ongoing political instability and increased tensions in Venezuela and associated inadvertent risk to flight operations,” Homeland Security said.

The South American nation has descended into chaos in recent months, with a flareup in recent weeks as a U.S.-backed politician, Juan Guaido, made a bid to oust current leader Nicolas Maduro. Mr. Maduro was elected president but the U.S. says it recognizes Mr. Guaido.

The Trump administration had predicted Mr. Maduro’s imminent ouster late last month but he has remained in power.

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