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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

John Isner, the highest-ranked American tennis pro in the world, revealed the gender of his family’s new baby with a racquet in hand.

While gender-reveal parties to announce the sex of an expected addition to the family come in many forms, some of the most exciting to watch combine blue- or pink-colored powder with a sport — whether you know the family or just root for them on the field.

Isner joins these pro athletes — and even some pro fans — in couching their gender reveal in the sport they know best.

Kirk Cousins

Yes, while he was still a member of the Washington Redskins, Cousins and his wife Julie Cousins were expecting their first-born child. Cousins took a football, wound up and hit cardboard boxes that emitted the revealing powder… although it’s fair to question his accuracy, hitting them low and left of the big question mark.

Torii Hunter Jr.

Torii Hunter’s boy was a two-sport star at Notre Dame but chose professional baseball over football. Can you believe the elder Hunter is already a grandfather? Hunter Jr. filmed this in 2017, and it’s fun to see how pumped he is (he flipped his bat off-screen, but you can imagine how high it went).

Eagles fans reenacting “Philly Special”

Redskins fans might cringe, but hey, Philadelphia was only months removed from its first-ever Lombardi Trophy. This father did the most Philadelphia gender reveal he could think of and brought his buddies together to reenact the “Philly Special” touchdown play to Nick Foles in Super Bowl LII.

Joey Logano

All this stuff with powder exploding out of footballs and baseballs is kids’ stuff. NASCAR driver Logano spun a car like he was in victory lane at Talladega, only the white smoke eventually changed colors. How can a regular Joe arrange a gender-reveal party like this, or do you need some kind of special permission?

Gordon Hayward

Spare a thought for Hayward. The Celtics forward didn’t go all-out — just some balloons in a box. But this one is memorable for just how clearly Hayward didn’t want a third daughter.

Saying “Daddy’s always happy” in a monotone voice while kicking a balloon off-screen couldn’t have been scripted better by the most expert comedy writer.

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