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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Jacob Wohl, a right-wing provocateur recently banned from Twitter for running fake accounts, has been accused of fabricating death threats he reported last month to the Minneapolis Police Department.

Mr. Wohl, 21, appeared in a film released Tuesday detailing his efforts to investigate a conspiracy theory involving Rep. Ilhan Omar, Minnesota Democrat, alongside fellow conservative internet personalities Laura Loomer and Ali Alexander.

During one scene in “Importing Ilhan,” Mr. Wohl is shown filing a police report with at an MPD precinct after supposedly receiving several threatening messages on social media.

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Included in the report filed by Mr. Wohl were messages he said he received on Twitter from a person warning him to stay out Minneapolis, according to police documents released Wednesday.

Copies of the messages displayed in the film show that they were sent by a Twitter user with the same avatar as @Drakehomes612, an account previously reported as belonging to Mr. Wohl. It was among several suspended last month after the social network determined that Mr. Wohl had violated its policy against creating and operating fake accounts, The Daily Beast reported at the time, and a person familiar with the matter told The Washington Times on Thursday that @Drakehomes612 was also run by Mr. Wohl.

Minneapolis journalist Tony Webster first made the connection Wednesday between Mr. Wohl and the messages. NBC News linked Mr. Wohl to the Drake account last month, and the network has since determined that the account’s avatar was taken from the Instagram profile of a local real estate agent who has denied involvement.

Mr. Wohl did not immediately return a message seeking comment. A representative for the Minneapolis Police Department declined to discuss any current or future investigations when reached by The Washington Times.

“I don’t know what the truth is,” said Alexander, also known as Ali Akbar, a conservative activist who directed the film. “I don’t know who created the account,” he said in an internet broadcast Wednesday evening.

“Even if Jacob did create that fake account, which I don’t know if he did or didn’t … if he did create that fake account, it was mitigating antidote,” said Mr. Akbar, 33, citing other threats his crew supposedly received while filming.

A former writer for The Gateway Pundit, Mr. Wohl made waves last year when he staged a failed press conference in an unsuccessful attempt to publicize supposed allegations of sexual assault involving special counsel Robert Mueller, the former FBI director leading the government’s investigation into the 2016 elections. The special counsel’s office has since referred the matter to the FBI.

Mr. Wohl boasted roughly 186,000 followers on his main Twitter account before recently joining Ms. Loomer, 25, on the list of right-wing activists banned from the platform. Both appeared at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference earlier this month to tout their theories about Ms. Omar prior to Ms. Loomer causing a commotion and accordingly having her media credentials revoked.

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